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I was asked to post something here so here we go.

This is our stance on this... While you may have noble intentions you need to secure permissions first before announcing something like this and if you can't get them you are SOL... sorry.

Needless to say to have a link for something like this around here you will need to have permission, now if what is released contains no actual files from the mod then that's a slightly different story because then it becomes a sort of add-on or a resource file. Still permissions would be nice and it appears T7 is active on this in wanting to check it out before you release.

[/Staff Statement]


[Modder Statement]

Basically Zimm, what you are doing we have seen before and you are going about it in the wrong way and actually appearing like someone who wants to take credit for another persons work (I have seen the readme you put in your Patcher version of Shem's mod crediting yourself for this endeavor and first mind you, that screams of Zimm wanting a piece of Shem's credit.) Needless to say I'm not impressed by that, at all.

Someone who actually wants to help does something like this makes the thing packages it up and doesn't even put their name anywhere on it, if you really are doing it to help the community, you would package it up and let T7 and Shem handle it from there and release it, that's how it rightfully should be done.

[/Modder Statement]

Just general FYI for you all... For those of you who haven't been around here since 'The Dawn of Time' so to speak, I wish I could take you on the proverbial way-back machine to the sad state of affairs the JK:JA modding scene was, there was theft, there was drama, there was so much crap going on that we wanted to separate ourselves from this cesspool and 'permissions' was a big issue, and still is as you can see. So while you may feel that our 'spirit of the law' is infringing upon some of you, I do desire to point out that we have our reasons for this. But #1 is about respect.

Just clarifying a few things about why we are so 'archaic' to some of you on certain things around here.

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