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Well, now that we're back here, i figured we better post the old requests that never got filled.

Originally Posted by Captain Bravo @
Can I request a whole squad??

1) RC-3521, "Tracyn"
2) black Katarn armor
3) DC-17 rifle
4) red "scar" down the right side of visor; Republic symbol on the left side of helmet; red Mythosaur skull on chestplate

1) RC-6947, "Wraith"
2) black Katarn armor
3) Verpine rifle

1) RC-8550, "Krayt"
2) black Katarn armor
3) standard DC-15 rifle
4) orange stripes down arm and leg plates

1) RC-8914, "Banshee"
2) black Katarn armor
3) giant missile
4) yellow stripes down arm and leg plates
Originally Posted by Dha'ward Krayt @
RC-2333 {Dha'ward}

Matte black with red glow from visor

DC-17 sniper
Det Packs on the left thigh
Two DC pistols, one on each thigh

4)Add-ons/other details
red outlined Mando symbol on cheastplate
scratch tick marks on the side of the helmet
red scope on DC-17
Originally Posted by Ky'ram Parjai'Kote
2)Olive on Silver
3)DC-15s, DC-17 handgun
4)Scorch backpack. Mando skull,left shoulder. Blasts/Burns all over suit. Det pack,right thigh.
I'm not the best at drawing, but here's this.
Originally Posted by The Invasion
1) A.I.
3) DC-17 with sniper attachment
4) Minor burn marks from recent mission
Finally, Te Mirdala Mand'alor and TriggerGod do you mind if i post your commandos on my site?

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