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Originally Posted by K1lingdr3ad
Oh and by the way, has anyone here heard of or played Enemy Territory Quake Wars. Good game, I once got like 47 sniper kills in one life.
ive got the Limited Collector's Edition. its okay. it could be alot better. it needs more maps, a conquest-type mode, music during gameplay, and 360 controller-compatable. it kinda already is compatable, but all it uses is basic movement, no other actions. its good for spectator mode though. i think my record for sniper kills in 1 life is around 30 or so. but i dont play online at all. i dont work well with the whole "clan system".

i used to be a big cheater in StarCraft singleplayer. but i stopeed about a year ago. when i cheated i always just created one of every type of unit meant for combat and send them out. it took a while to actually win that way as 6-8 units each attacking a building alone does take a while. but now i actually have to come up with strategies for each of the races. when i play as the Zerg my strategy was (originally) hit and run. but now its create 3 groups of 12 Zerglings, 2 groups of 12 Hydralisks, 1 group of 3 Ultralisks, 4 Lurkers and 5 (or 9 if not Brood War) Hydralisks, and 2 groups of 6 Mutalisks, 3 (or 6 if not Brood War) Guardians and 3 Devourers. it never occurred to me until Zerg mission 10 (Full Circle) of the original StarCraft.
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