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Here is the vehicles I promised. You will be able to hijack vehicles in a way similar to Halo but some enemies like Trandoshans can hijack vehicles from you and also you can kill enemies by running over them in a big enough vehicle. Certain vehicles like starfighters and big vehicles only appear in certain parts of the game and in cutscenes. Give me some more ideas for vehicles.

1.Various swoops and speeders
2.BARC speeder (Biker Advanced Recon Commando)
3.STAP aerial platform (Single Troop Aerial Platform)
4.AT-AP (All Terrain-Attack Pod)
5.AT-XT (All Terrain-Experimental Transport)
6.SPHA-T (Self Propelled Heavy Artillery-Transport, cutscene only)
7.UT-AT (Unstable Terrain-Artillery Transport)
8.AT-TE (All Terrain-Tactical Enforcer)
9.Heavy Assault Vehicle/wheeled A6 Juggernaut ("Juggernaut")
10.AT-PT (All Terrain-Personal Transport)
11.ISP (Infantry Support Platform)
12.TX-130 Saber-class fighter tank
13.TX-130T fighter tank
14.LAAT/i (Low Altitude Assault Transport/infantry, only in certain parts) "Gunship"
15.LAAT/c (Low Altitude Assault Transport/carrier, only in certain parts)
16.LAAT/v (Low Altitude Assault Transport/vehicle, only in certain parts)
17.HAET-221 (High-Altitude Entry Transport-221)
18.Nu-class attack shuttle (cutscene only)
19.V-19 Torrent starfighter (only in certain parts)
20.ARC-170 starfighter (only in certain parts)
21.AT-OT (All Terrain-Open Transport)
22.CR20 troop carrier (only in cutscene)
24.RTT (Republic Troop Transport)
25.AT-RT (All Terrain-Recon Transport)
26.AAT (Armored Assault Tank)
27.MTT (Multi-Troop Transport)23.CR25 troop carrier (only in cutscene)
28.Mini-sub (on places with water, mostly Mon Calamari)
29.Capital ships, frigates, destroyers, cruisers, and transports. (only in cutscenes, in space)

I am also adding a new level, The Battle of Xagobah.

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