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Trying to keep video games out of the hands of children is becoming increasingly difficult as games become easier to obtain. When I was a kid, there were dozens of games available on Nintendo, PC, and a few on the MAC. Now there are literally thousands of them available at very cheap prices as they become obsolete. I have had only Apple-based video games all my life, so I hadn't had many options compared to those who had an N64, Sega, gamecube, playstation I,II,III, xbox (360)

The internet had become a source of easily-obtainable and free games. It allowed for online enhancement for getting game platforms, games to go with them, the fact that video games had become more common. They are highly addictive, widely available, and relatively cheap in comparison to what you could get with your money.

I only spent about $20 for KOTOR I and II, and much less for JA and JK II. I have no idea how many hours of entertainment I got from them, but it was worth it to me. In terms of how many hours I lost from my life because of them... that's another matter. The idea of restricting video games from children isn't really a realistic solution because there are now so many video game platforms and so many games out there that children will figure a way past parent supervision.
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