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^^^You might wanna check out one of my albums: I actually have a bunch of the old marvel SW comics.

Originally Posted by igyman View Post
I've been reading the KoTOR and Legacy series. For me the KoTOR series started out great - it had awesome art (Ching and Weaver), an interesting story and characters. When they started the Adasca arc and begun changing artists like socks the series started to become less and less interesting. It got back on track in regards to the story, but the art is still mostly an unpleasant element from issue to issue.
Hmm--thought it got all weird like with the art. Glad to see it isn't my eyes playing tricks on me.

Well, basically it started out great story wise, but the teases got tiresome. Like they are improvising as they go along. Which is fine, but I think they used up all the good interesting stuff already. I hope not, though.

Legacy on the other hand started out very crappy for me. I felt like I was reading "Conan visits Star Wars", however the consistent (and awesome) art kept me reading and I haven't regretted it. The story has become far more interesting than I thought it could and I'm really enjoying it.
Agreed. Same here. It is only getting more interesting.

I think it is going in just the opposite direction compred to the KOTOR comics: improvising as it goes along, but also throwing more and more goodies as it progresses.

I've also decided to take a look at the new Invasion series. It's still too early to have an impression on that one, but it could be interesting.

P.S. I think I solved the mystery of Nihilus and his dreadlocks: ( )

Show spoiler

Hmm. I thought Nihilus was rather good with a blade despite his powers--I can see he was a supernatural samurai all along.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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