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Originally Posted by Ray Jones View Post
wishful thinking

It's not my job to tell you how to be a parent. I suggest, however, if you don't care to take a proactive role in your child's development to make sure your kids don't end up impersonating Niko Bellic or somesuch, put them up for adoption where they can get the supervision they need.

Oh, I think I got you quite right, however--

It sounds so easy, doesn't it?
No, it doesn't. Nor did I imply it was. Difficult as it is, it still has to be done.

Especially the part where I make my kids unable to use any controller/keyboard/computer outside of their home.
You appear to talk as if parents have no effect on their children over the inevitable outside influences. Why? I thought being the parent meant pretty much being all that child has to rely upon?

Are *you* having problems in these areas? Are your kids acting up because of these influences? Are you unable to get them to change their behavioral conduct? Otherwise, if the answer is no, I think you're going a bit too Nth degree in your speculation if that situation has not yet arisen.

Oh, err, then how can you know that:
People eventually realize "hey, these games might be fun but I'm not really going anywhere in my life" and decide to get up and get out.
Because that's what people DO. You even did that--didn't you? There is more to life than pong, or super maro, or Liberty City as Niko Bellic, right?

I'd say if you gonna take that guess for "non-shooter-people", I can as well say it's true for "shooter-people".
Hair splitting much? Playing with semantics again? Where are you getting this rationale from?

Are you concerned your child is going to shoot the school up? Just a suggestion: while the child is still impressionable, you might show the consequences of actions related to such.

Well...You said earlier:
Odd, that's exactly what some school shooter's thoughts might have been...
That's what came to mind--Columbine. Were you referring to another school shooting?

If school shooting is not what you were referring to, then would you care to share what you were referring to? Were you implying I'm a homicidal maniac because "GTA" is in my username?

Did they have control how nasty you were to other kids?
Not directly, but in eventuality, yes they did. Teaching me perspective and what is realistic. Such actions did have consequences in the outside world. As well there were consequences within the home, as there should be. The more malicious what I did, the steeper the punishment was at home for me besides facing the school system or the law for what I did.

So far I have not yet shown any 'concerns' about any school system?
You've shown concern for influences outside your home. Most of that time (I would think) for children is spent primarily in school. Is your situation different?

If you home school your kids, do you not have any control whatsoever as to their other social/daily outings?

how about realising my butt, fancy pants
While not at me...
Red herring (possbily bordering on ad hominem--in which case read the rules)?
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