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Forget what I said about leading troops into battle. By that I meant that on some missions instead of going solo you will have clone troopers with you. Also should the ARC trooper character be someone different than Alpha, they could be a new character. If anyone thinks I should change the main ARC character to a different ARC and change the name tell me and tell me what I should name him and I will change the level things. Also here are the enemies you will face in the game. These enemies are actual enemies that clones faced, also I get my ideas for stuff to put in the game from If you are going to tell people about this idea and spread the word give credit to where and who the idea came from.

1.A-series assassin droid (on certain levels, mostly Jabiim)
2.B-1 battle droid (all variants) common enemy
3.B-2 super battle droid (all variants) common enemy
4.B-3 ultra battle droid (on certain levels)
5.BX-series droid commando "commando droid" common enemy
6.C-B3 cortosis battle droid (on certain levels)
7.Droideka (all variants) common enemy
8.IG-series battle droid (all variants including IG-86 battle droids and IG-100 Magnaguards armed with either electrostaffs or blasters) semi-common enemy
9.JK-13 security droid "Jedi Killer droid" (on certain levels, mostly Ord Cestus)
10.LM-432 crab droid "crab droid" (all variants and sizes) common enemy
11.DSD dwarf spider droid (all variants including regular and the advanced dwarf spider droids from RC) common enemy
12.Octuptarra combat tri-droid "Octuptarra droid" common enemy
13.Tri droid common enemy
14.Pistoeka sabotage droid "Buzz droid" semi-common enemy
15.Protodeka (on certain levels, mostly Dark Reaper Crisis levels)
16.Various types of scavenger droids (on levels with Trandoshans)
17.Spelunker probe droid "Chameleon droid" semi-common enemy
18.Tactical droid semi-common enemy
19.OOM-series battle droid (B-1 battle droid variant) common enemy
20.IG-227 Hailfire-class droid tank "Hailfire droid" common enemy
21.NR-N99 Persuader-class droid enforcer "Tank droid" semi-common enemy
22.OG-9 homing spider droid "Spider walker" common enemy
23.Droid tri-fighter (on certain parts)
24.Heavy Missile Platform (on certain parts)
25.Vulture droid common enemy
26.Manta droid subfighter (on parts with water, mostly Mon Calamari)
27.Separatist Sub Carrier (on parts with water, mostly Mon Calamari)
28.Geonosians (on certain places, mostly Geonosis)
29.Trandoshans common enemy
30.CIS officer semi-common enemy
31.Gossam soldiers common enemy
32.Muun soldiers (on certain places, mostly Muunilinst)
33.Neimoidian soldiers common enemy
34.Skakoan soldiers semi-common enemy
35.Nimbus commandos and Jabiimi Loyalists (only on Jabiim)

I will also add the Geonosian Beam rifle and sonic blaster to the weapons and add the Mini-sub to vehicles.

You can destroy droid dispensers easily with explosive weapons.

Droid Dispensers
1.B-1 battle droid dispenser
2.B-2 super battle droid dispenser
3.Droideka dispenser
4.Buzz droid dispenser

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