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i was thinking that you should limit yourself to the weapons and vehicles. i took note of the number of levels, and while it is realistic to have that much stuff, you have to think about what blackops and standard infantry had on hand. looking at the weapons, it is impossible for a standard grunt to carry that many grenades, mines, detpacks, medkits and however many weapons you plan on carrying. for a blackops soldier, maybe not impossible, but very difficult (Darman in Hard Contact). and for he vehicles, this doesnt look like the BF series, where anyone can just hop into a vehicles, be happy and cause however much hell as they want. standard clones were trained to use specific equipment and vehicles. they may know the basics of driving a walker, but for maximum efficiency, a specially trained pilot has to drive. and if look at your post about enemies, unless there are vehicles to combat that many "ultra heavy" droids, one may be royally screwed. there are only 9 weapons that have maximum potential to destroy an "ultra" out of a bazillion others. all weapons can be used as anti-infantry but, but its difficult to use them all as anti-"ultra". i also noted that your snipers are "wierded" up. have one designed to shoot through walls and almost anti-vehicles and the other just shoot through "squishies" like in Red Faction 3. in RF3, the sniper rifle is, of course anti-infantry with a x4 scope and decent ammo; while the rail driver has x-ray vision, a x4 scope, decent-for-a-cheap-weapon-ammo and is a one-shot-one-kill (except on gunships, unless your a really good shot). i understand that your trying to make the amount of ammo as realistic as possible, but sometimes, that can mess up the balance.
also make each weapon do something different. ill use one of my ideas (a Halo knock-off, under working title Charon) as an example. (NOTE: ive been working on this for 3 years)

(* indicats dual-wieldable)
LS-N42 Rail Rifle: 45 rounds/magazine, 10 mags max, x2 scope, fully auto, secondary fire: 3-burst, has a 20 centimeter combat knife in stock damage type: ballistic
LS-J45 Magnum*: 12 rounds/magazine, 9 mags max, semi-auto, no secondary fire, damage type: ballistic
MJ90S Sniper Rifle: 4 rounds/magazine, 4 mags max, x2/5 scope, semi-auto, bi-pod when prone, no secondary fire, damage type: ballistic
Z-X15 Trench Gun: 9 rounds/magazine, 8 mags max, pump-action, 8-gauge, no secondary fire, damage type: concussive/ballistic
D-45H Missile Launcher: 4 rounds/magazine, 2 mags max, slow firerate, x2 scope, secondary fire: smart fire (homing, requires 3 seconds lock), damage type: concussive/explosive/fire
J-73 Flame Projector: 50 "charge"/canister, 4 cans max, long range, secondary fire: wide spray (wider area of effect, shorter distance), prone to overheating, damage type: fire
R64 SMG*: 60 rounds/magazine, 5 mags max, fully auto, water-tight (underwater parts are in the game idea), no secondary fire, damage type: ballistic
BL-47M Minigun Turret: unlimited ammo (for gameplay reasons), fully auto, poor accuracy, stationary, damage type: ballistic
LJ-45 Fragmentation Grenade: standard frag 'nade, 5 meter blast radius, can carry 4 at a time, damage type: concussive/explosive/ballistic/fire

KAL'TEER (highly advanced, psychic aliens; many of these weapons are prone to overheating):
Alpha-001 Neutron Rifle: 100 charge/battery, 1 charge=5 shots, batteries can only be charged at a battery station, fully auto, no secondary fire, damage type: disentigrate
Alpha-002 Neutron Pistol*: 100 charge/battery, 1 charge-5 shots, 5 charge=1 overcharge, semi-auto secondary fire: overcharge, damage type: disentigrate
Alpha-003 Flayer Rifle: 100 charge/battery, 6 charges=1 shot, x2/5 scope semi-auto, no secondary fire, no bipod, damage type: disentigrate
Alpha-004 Neutron Pulse Gun: 100 charge/battery, 5 charges=1 shot, essentially a shotgun but fires in a straight line and gets weaker and weaker the further the beam gets, max range: 40 meters, no secondary fire, damage type: disentigrate
Omega-001 Warp Disruptor: 2 pods/canister, 3 canisters max, fires in an arc, no secondary fire, damage type: gravity well/concussive
Omega-002 Warp Blade: 100 charge/battery, 10 charges=1 slash, secondary fire: uppercut with spiked handle, battery irreplacable but still usable indestructable blade, energy shorts out in water, damage type: slashing/gravity well
Omega-003 Nailgun*: 100 charge/battery, 50 nails/mag, 8 mags max, 1 charge=10 nails, fully auto, no secondary fire, can still fire when battery depleted, damage type: ballistic/gravity well
Omega-004 Warp Grenade: sticks to any surface for 2 seconds before imploding, can carry 4 at a time, damage type: concussive/gravity well
Alpha-005 Stationary Neutron Gun: same as Alpha-001 just unlimited ammo and stationary

if you want to see how i tried to balance vehicles, just ask. but i think you understand.
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