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It's not like you can carry all those weapons and equipment at the same time. You would have 3 different weapons at the same time: a pistol, a main weapon, and a secondary weapon. For equipment you would have medpacks and a choice of one of the other things listed. I said in my earlier posts that you can't carry all that stuff at the same time. I don't plan on there being vehicles scattered everywhere in convenient locations and the vehicles can be destroyed by enemies and there would be only about 1 or 2 every level. On some levels you would play as clone trooper, some as clone commandos, and some Arc trooper. Certain weapons, equipment, and vehicles will be limited to certain units. At least the amount of grenades you can carry will be more realistic than in RC where you carry 20. I will also need to change the ammunition capacity of some of the guns to make it realistic. You will most of the time be an elite unit and you can melee enemies and some weapons can take out heavy units. Some of the weapons are automatic which means your ammo will be eaten up like in other games but not that quick. You should read all my other posts from the beginning. I have a feeling you didn't read them all and also do some research on the things from the lists.

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