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i really hate to burst your bubble, i really do, but LA will not accept your idea. trust me. ive contacted Blizzard Entertainment and Nintendo of America twice each, Bungie Studios once and LA once and they all said the same thing: "Although we greatly appreciate your idea, we cannot accept it due to company policy." they actually dont appreciate the idea, theyre jsut saying that to be nice. and if you think about it, if every gaming company accepted fans ideas for games, not only would the companies be overwhelmed with so much, often useless, crap and an even crappier budget and tiny workforce. plus if they did, wed be at StarCraft 10 by now. :S sorry if i destroyed your bubble, but thats why fans come together to organize ideas and make unofficial or flash games. just like what were doing now...

and about your comment on my suggestion, i do tend to skim when im reading a really long post or article. sorry about that. but i did go back and read it thouroghly. good job.
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