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Originally Posted by Commander Dimal View Post
It might still be possible. Think, how does Lucasarts get ideas for new games. We would need to reach out to their heart and soul. We could contact an employee that we could trust and maybe he could give them the idea. We could create a group of followers to vote on the idea. We would need to find out what their company policy is. We could tell some employees about the idea and see if they like it and if we can get a lot of the employees to like the idea then they might make the game. If we jump at it head first we will get nowhere. Sometimes we need to approach things slowly from the side to succeed. Who's with me!
I Say That Might Work. But If We Do Tell About It We Still Need A Storyline....... Something That'll Fit The Game And Won't Look Like It's Just Some Star Wars Fans Hoping For More Star Wars Video Games. Thats What We Need...... What Do You Guys Think It Should Start Out As And We Work Our Way Up From There? And If Anyone Is Good At Drawing We'll Need Some Concept Art And We Will Also Need Some Environment Ideas So Then It's Not Random. I Hope LA Listens

P.S. Hooper, It's ARC Not ACT.

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