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How about you guys show a little respect to stoffe, who spent days of work on these 2 things among many other things she does to keep LF running as sysadmin, and at least complain politely and constructively?

I can understand if you don't like them, but at least consider if your words are going to be hurtful to the person who has worked ungodly hard for you (stoffe) before you post complaints in such a rude manner. If you don't like them, just give suggestions on what things you think of that would improve it. Calling it something that makes you 'want to vomit to death' or 'it's schlocky' is destructive criticism, not constructive.

Mod notes--you can thank the person who decided to fake a mod note for that one. Why he thought we wouldn't notice it in the post change log, I don't know. Others have deleted mod warnings and notes, so stoffe figured out a way to make it so these notes can't be deleted, as was requested. These people elected to do something unwise, so stoffe made it so that moderator posts cannot be altered or faked by someone else. I am grateful for this. It's a necessary item because of abuse by some members, and stoffe has graciously developed something that we can use that can't be abused. We're using them to make notes in posts as well as warnings, and is not a reflection on any of you, unless you're bent on creating trouble, of course.

You all should be thanking stoffe profusely for trying to make LF a better place for you all. I talk to her a lot so I have some idea of how very hard she works to keep LF just up and running (it requires daily work to keep it running, with several hours once a week for backups, and a lot more when LF crashes, just to give you a fraction of an idea on what she's doing), much less spending time trying to make improvements to keep it up to date.

You may not like some of the changes she makes, but at least show some respect for the hard work she's done to make those improvements by making your comments constructive instead of just plain hurtful and thoughtless.

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