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Originally Posted by K1lingdr3ad View Post
I know this will sound like a really stupid question, but i'm really new with photoshop, and what tool do you use to select a piece of the armor, and where are the Hue/Saturation, Color Balance buttons?
You can use your lasso tools (it looks like a lasso. If you hold down the lasso button, you can choose the polygonal lasso or the magnetic lasso, each has its own pros and cons) to select an area. After you've selected an area, press the Image button at the top, go to Adjustments, then press Hue/Saturation or Color Balance. If you use Hue/Saturation, a good idea is to check the colorize button. If you use color balance, a good idea would be to desaturate your selection/layer (Ctrl+Shift+U is the hotkey) so that it turns into the color you want it to.

Originally Posted by K1lingdr3ad View Post
Hmmmmmmmmm. I'm not sure I am at the right place, because i can't see any of these options that are in the tutorial. This might help...To get to photo shop I just open one my pics of a custom commando and it brought me to this ImageReady thing. Help?
When you installed photoshop, it might've automatically set a certain image type to open with imageready. I know when I installed photoshop on W7, it made my .png files open with IR. What you do is either right click a .png file, and tell it to open with Photoshop, or you can open Photoshop, press open (or Ctrl+O), and select your image manually.
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