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Originally Posted by TSR View Post
Help me, Astrotoy7. You're my only hope.
As Q said, if Vista drivers exist, try those first - just remember to deploy them in vista compatibility mode. If not, then try installing the XP drivers in xp compatibility mode. I have a tablet pc from 2005 which has an nvidia 32MB GPU which was supported for xp only. I ran XP drivers in compat mode in vista and W7 with no gripes

To run in compatbility mode :
>Rt click the installation setup file>Properties>Select compatibility tab>pick the OS you want from the drop down box>Apply

Then run the setup as normal (and hope it works!)

AMD have more love for AGP than nvidia so you could look into an AGP 4850 if you really want to keep that mainboard for a while longer. of course, youd need to be sure your AGP slot will support the 4850 and that youi have an adequate PSU.


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