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Originally Posted by Commander Dimal View Post
This may be off topic but how do you put two pictures in your sig and how do you put them next to each other?

its just 3 pics and i used paint to make a banner out of them (its one picture of 3 images)

but anyway, i could cover the arc trooper fact, i could make one squad mate an arc trooper, one a commando and one a clone trooper pretty eaisly

and if someone can edit the trando heavy repeater texture , i could make the the trandos have the deafalut one and have the ARC have a black reapeter that shoots blue bolts as his deafalt weapon, commando have DC 17, trooper have dc 15, ETC.

Originally Posted by HockeyGoalie35 View Post
I wish I had some Combustable Lemons.

Originally Posted by =purifier View Post
Granted, but you accidently get blown up with that lemony smell and the
Pine-Sol woman appears out of nowhere and says: "That's the power of Pine-Sol, baby. "

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