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I know that this thread had died out a long time ago, but I really wanted to add something to it.

Macnamara died shortly after Jackson and all with the hype of that entertainer, the death of this former secretary of state was overlooked by many. Jae Onasi wasn't even aware that it happened until I brought it up, as well as many I've spoken to where I live. Many may not think he was as significant to history as Jackson, but that doesn't mean that he should have been buried by the death of a pop star.

Obviously it was because the media were interested in making money, but I find it disturbing how Jackson could get many front pages for a number of days while Macnamara passed on with barely any notice. We Americans really need to reset our priorities and realized that the celebrities we have come to worship are not as significant to our lives as we think. I thought very highly of Robert Macnamara because he was able to recognize how his methods of operating the state like a corporation resulted in many illogical actions taken by the US in the Vietnam war and WWII. I would advise people to read up on him, or at the very least watch his movie 'The Fog of War.'

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