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Originally Posted by Commander Dimal View Post
There have been video games where you play as a clone trooper and some were you play as a clone commando, but what if there is a video game where you play as an Arc trooper? Yes an Arc trooper. I thought of this and made up some ideas for a new Star Wars game.

What if LucasArts created a Halo style action game similar to Republic Commando where the main character is an Arc trooper? It would take place during the Clone Wars and you get to fight in many battles from the Clone Wars and it would have a storyline too. Some of the features would be that it has a co-op mode where the main character is a Arc trooper and the second character is also an Arc trooper and the others are clone troopers and the game would also have a huge variety of weapons and long gameplay. It would have vehicles, many different types of enemies and a very good multiplayer. It would be a first-person shooter like Halo and and the action would be similar to it too.

It would start out of Kamino where the Arc trooper that is the main character is being trained and is told by Tan We at the end of the level that he would have to wait in stasis. Then in the first levels you play as clone troopers and commandos in levels leading up to The Battle of Kamino where the Arc is woken up from stasis by Tan We and is told that he needs to defend Kamino. So he suits up and fights the battle and there are many other levels after that where some are key battles from the Clone Wars. I am thinking of the story so far. So what does everybody think of this idea and could you please give me some ideas.
that's got to be the best idea EVER!!!
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