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Hi, I don't mean to post something that otherwise should have been left alone, but I actually wanted to add something to this thread.

Originally Posted by SkinWalker View Post
To be honest, I'm not an expert on climate change and haven't followed it more than a moderate degree. Assuming others participate, and using this thread as a vehicle for education, I intend to evaluate the issue objectively. I truly have no bias one side or the other. If the data are sufficient to sway one way or the other, thats where provisionally draw my conclusions.

If others have evidenced based arguments for one side of this or the other, please feel free to post them here. A google search for "climate change" yielded this image from Wikipedia, which is a graph based on the data compiled by Meehl et al. (2004). It correlates both modeled and observed temperature changes with the fluctuations in greenhouse gases.
I wouldn't call myself an expert either, but I have come to see many scientist who have established a more direct link between solar cycles and climate change than greenhouse gases. I would not say humans don't have an impact on the global climate, but I think it is more likely due to the sun than what is emitted by human activity.

I remember seeing Al Gore's movie and seeing how his model seemed to fit that of global temperatures, but it didn't quite fit right. If these greenhouse gases were so intense over the last century, the global impact would have been enormous. Like over an average of one degree every year.

When mount Tambora exploded in 1816, the world instantly suffered global climate changes. 1816 was called the year without a summer because the effects of the volcano were able to cause frosts in summer months over the first year and the global temperature almost instantaneously changed drastically. I don't know how significant our CO2 production is compared to a massive volcano, but the change in emissions over the last century compared to the millennium was astonishing compared to what global temperatures would have to be. If we are responsible for climate changes, I find it hard to believe the Earth isn't warmer than it should be.
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