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GTA:SWcity, I did never say any game did ever make anyone go out and kill someone, nor do I say they ever will. I am not saying violence in games "corrupts" our youth (which is the very question of this tread), it is just that in my opinion those games do have an effect on people, young or not. I did not even say those effects are negative. Everybody seems to be like "these games do nothing to anybody", and I think this is not true.

[quote=GTA:SWcity]While not at me...
Red herring (possbily bordering on ad hominem--in which case read the rules)?

Originally Posted by Achilles View Post
This isn't an argument.
Oh, first you come up with how "situational" violence is and when I show you how it is not it's suddenly not an argument any more.

Are you just trying to +1 your post count, or do you intend to contribute something to the thread?
even if one replaces my posts here with duck poo I'll have contributed more value to this thread than you ever will

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