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I am studying TSL now, and it really feel that it brought some balance into the story, the dark side of things is one of the amazing parts of the entire SW epic, it is part of real life and it is very necessarily part of any balanced story arc for the SW universe.

I am curious about this quote from a past this thread....

I don't think that it's just BioWare, Jeff; it's LA. I think that they want everyone to forget that TSL ever existed, because it was the ultimate result of a failed policy of theirs. It caused LA a considerable amount of embarrassment and they caught a lot of flak over it.
what was the failed policy? i am trying to understand all of this, and along the way, I remind us that LucasArts has surprised us recently with a return to an older title, with their return to one of the MI games and a new one being released in episodic form, so there could be a new KOTOR , III or otherwise, ...for there are many ways it could be done. I think Obsidian could also do a good job on it. The circumstances of the rushing of release of TSL certainly are complex...and it was a fortunate thing that the lost files remained in the game set, for amazing work has been done by the community to restore it.

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