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Originally Posted by Ray Jones View Post
You forgot to mention that the conclusion of your "argument" of "situational violence" was neither based on logic, reality, nor, and that's my favourite: any source. Thumbs up for being coherent so far, though.
Pay attention, Ray. Remember that part you referenced? What was the very next sentence?

Originally Posted by me
Of course, I'm only speculating...just as you are. I think the difference here is that I realize it and you don't.
So are you just struggling to keep up or are you intentionally trying to mis-characterize my comments because you think it makes you look cool or something?

Originally Posted by Ray Jones View Post
While this is getting more and more away from being on topic-- you still pull the same lame tactics, apparently. You come up with something and every time you find it rebutted,
But you didn't offer a rebuttal, Ray. That's the problem.

Originally Posted by Ray Jones View Post
you go like "but that's not an argument", "rana rana burden of proof", or, and here's my favourite again, "that's not valid because you did not provide any sources".
Well, when you make a claim, you're responsible for providing the burden of proof. And when you just pull stuff out of your butt, it would help if you acknowledge that instead of acting as though you've made your case.

You said that video games have "some effect". Great. What is it?

Either you have something to contribute here or you do not.
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