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Originally Posted by IG-64 View Post
<snip> I don't know the details, I just hear the stuff's bad for you. I heard that smoking it gives you lung cancer like 3 times faster than cigarettes or something, but I'm not about to cite my sources on that.
Something to do with the natural tar in the material--I myself have heard the same thing. Ditto for sources.
All I know is that I'm not comfortable with anything that messes with your mind that much. It's still illegal here and I'm still not gonna touch the stuff.
Hey, nothing wrong with wanting to be clean living and a straight thinker. To be honest, I used to do it, but just kinda stopped caring about it when it stopped being pleasurable. I didn't push and soon realized I didn't need it, so I just stopped. I have nothing against anyone who does it and hold nothing against those who don't either. It's your life.

Still, it does wonders for cancer patients on chemo--gives them munchies when they can't normally eat. Saves money on prescriptions, too. So there _is_ a legit use for it. :^)
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