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Originally Posted by Achilles View Post
You said that video games have "some effect". Great. What is it?
I would say the effect is hours of fun and entertainment!! Or is that affect... I get confused.

Anyway... I highly doubt there is any actual proof of video games directly causing any violence (I am of course ignoring the first versions of the Wii remotes that were thrown into TVs, thus breaking said tv). Now you could look at a 6 year old that plays GTA, and say "Hey this kid picked up a bat and hit another kid and tried to steal his tricycle" and that would be valid and it may technically be a video game causing the violence.... maybe, but there are several other points to look at first... why is the child playing a game that is not rated for their age group? Where were the parents? (Ok, it happened at school) Did the parents never teach their child that hitting is wrong? How did a 6 year old get a wooden or metal bat to begin with?! Where are the teachers? (Well, it's summer and they are at a playground) Unsupervised?! You shouldn't be a parent if your letting your kid run around that age unsupervised! No wonder they are violent (see parent's fault )! You could blame the game, but that is a cop out. The truth is the child's parents, teachers, neighborhood, society, and friends (yes, i'm blaming other 6 year olds now too) failed miserably in educating this child. In fact, I'd place a bet in vegas that this child eventually does jail time... or the parents are into something illegal. Either way, it's not the game and likely would have happened eventually anyway even without the aid of a game.

Also most research (I'm reworking the definition of most here... I actually mean a single article that I read, although I probably could say all research since 1 out of 1 article mentions this point...) suggests that the impact of games depends on an individual's mental disposition. And nope, i'm not linking to my article i'm referencing... but if you really want I can find a random article (or just create one) that proves my point. Anyway, an individual's mental disposition has to be taken into consideration here. Have they ever killed small, large, x-large, or xx-large animals for fun? Do they find daydreaming about doing bodily harm to others fun and facinating? Do they chase their brother around the house with a machete? All these can be indications that something is not right. Playing a game, violent or otherwise, isn't going to change this person (Well, maybe a barney game, that would drive anyone nuts.... purple dinosaurs are unnatural).

In essence, it's not actually the game giving the person an idea to go out and shoot or hurt people... the idea is already there. in fact, one can argue that the game could be acting as an outlet for said individual. If so, the game industry could be saving millions of lives a year... I would even say they deserve a tax write off for their noble deeds ...

Basically, anyone who is trying to blame a game for anything needs to take a closer look at themselves. The minute you start passing off personal responsibility is the minute your child has the opportunity to do what they want... even hurt other people.

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