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Originally Posted by gamma097 View Post
I was playing through the Geonosis campaign and when I got to the part where you needed to turn on visor mode. I turned my night vision off and looked at 40 and 62. They were easily visible, but their guns and other attachments weren't. In other words, not just the visor is glowing, the whole commando is glowing. Is it the textures, the shaders, the pixel shaders? Look at these pictures:

If anybody knows what is going on here, please tell me. Thanks in advance.
Definitely looks like the game isn't reading the shader file for the commandos. In a game like RC, if you don't include a shader, the characters/objects/everything will look exactly the same the whole game.

Only thing I can think of is reinstall the game, and see if that fixes it. You might just lose your save data, but it'll keep your commandos from "glowing like a light!"
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