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Oh, almost forgot to mention. Went on vacation to Wyoming, the least populace state in America. It's basically the middle of no where except for the stunningly desolate landscapes along with a great pair of Grand Teton mountains and the biggest ****ing non-volcano in the world, Yellowstone...

Oh, the bad part, right. Anyway, a bright and sunny day on a rocky beach of a lake can lead to one thing: You know... throwing rocks at a boulder to make them explode while taking well-timed photos of them to get cool looking pictures. Right?

Anyway, first day was great. Second day I probably got hit by flak only once. But my dad decided to help in addition to my sister. And well, we all got carried away and started getting larger rocks. Then my dad takes a cantaloupe-sized rock and before I can go, "Eh, that's not a good idea, dad." He chucks it straight down on its face. And well, me sitting down on a rock around 8-10 feet away, I'm not very quick getting away.

It's pretty awesome having a violently spinning 10-15 pound rock basically float up into the air about 6 feet, just to land directly on my left knee-cap, bounce into my chest, off my hand, and finish by deflecting off the left side of my neck, below the ear. I freaking rolled with it, and my beloved camera never touched ground once. Yay. The first three days I had a mad limp, and around five days later it's still a little sore.

I was this close to visiting the hospital for the first time in my life for an injury (other than when I was very small, like <four years old). Road rash that removed the skin from my knees, twice, and the time I almost drove a mo-ped into my house via smashing the back sliding door. I've been pretty safe.

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