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Originally Posted by Wookiee Rrudolf View Post
I would agree with point 2 only. Lack of stunning plot twist is the biggest flaw of KotOR 2. As for the other points... Well the gaming industry is dividing into "Mature Gamer" piece and "Kid with console/PC" piece. Star Wars was always supposed to be E or T rated (in my country 12+). I think that TSL was too mature for kids of that age (they didn't understand its story) and next games' story would be more suitable for them - making them shiny, rainbows and pink unicorns instead of dark like in TSL.
I've introduced my 8-year-old nephew to K2, after K1, of course. He loved K1, mind you, but he enamored. Now, mind you, he is most likely more intelligent than his other peers, regardless of playing K2, but he's still a kid at heart, and for him to enjoy and understand the story (Well, at least that's from my observations) that's as "mature" as that, it's quite an impressive feat for something so deep.

It goes to show you that Star Wars does not have to be a watered-down ANH-clone for the ageless masses to enjoy it; Star Wars can be as deep and intricate as any other university-level literature.
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