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Wow! That was amazing! That is probably one of the best, pithy summations of the games I have ever read. Now, I didn't dislike K2 nearly as much as you apparently did, but you make some very good points. I actually found Atton interesting in a dark, sinister sort of way, and Bao-Dur was alright if you could trigger the more in-depth dialogs, but the rest of the characters were pretty darn uninteresting. I found the Disciple and the Handmaiden particularly irritating and avoided them as much as possible.
I found it really frustrating that almost all situations ended in mass slaughter; it would have been nice every once in a while to convince at least a few people to change their ways so you could leave them alive. Granted K1 also had periods of wading through masses of enemies, but you could sometimes make it through a quest with a reasonable body count (i.e. You don't have to massacre all the sand people).
Although I can't argue with anything you said, I have to admit I still enjoyed a lot of the game and have willingly played it through a half-dozen times. I do like the improvements to the game interface that Obsidian added; K1's was good, Obsidian's was better. I just felt I had to give a bravo to a really well-written critique.

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