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Yet another irreverant thought...

Obi Wan strode up to the building, wanting to curse, even though it did not fit the picture of a Jedi. Anakin had petitioned to get a room away from the temple, and he had seen no reason why he could not have one as his own pied a Terre. But being late on this day was unconscionable.

Senator Padme Amidala had arrive earlier today, and barely missed being assassinated when her ship was destroyed. The Council had ordered Obi Wan to protect her along with his missing Padawan.

He stepped from the lift, walking down to the door. He knocked, no reply. With a touch of the Force he unsealed the lock, and pushed in. The front room looked as if there had been an explosion in Anakin's closet, clothes flung everywhere. He shook his head at that Anakin was something of a slob. Then he paused and knelt. The piece of clothing he had just retrieved was not Anakin's, unless the young man was a little more adventurous than he thought. Besides, with that five o'clock shadow he had, it would take a heavy layer of foundation to cover that. More make up than Anakin would use.

Dreading it, he walked further, looking at the five figures sleeping the sleep of the thoroughly sated on the bed. There was a Twi-lek, a Togarian, a Bothan, a human and Anakin.

Sighing, he kicked Anakin's foot. The boy sat up sharply, then looked around him blushing.

“Get dressed.” Obi Wan ordered, walking from the room. A few moments later, Anakin, still blushing, joined him.

“I can explain Master.” Anakin said.

Obi Wan's eyebrow quirked. “This should be good.”

“You said a Jedi should love all people.”

Obi Wan simply sighed, and they walked to the lift. As the door closed, he replied, “Did I say in groups?”

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