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Originally Posted by Allronix View Post
Actually, the reasons it ticked me off?

1. Bugs.

To quote a gamer’s classic flick, “The system’s got more bugs than a bait store.” The damn game crashed every two hours (even without mods, and even on my brother in law’s X-box!), Revan’s gender changed three times in one conversation, conversation trees broke frequently, and quests were left unsolvable.
Given just how buggy K1 was at release, that's hardly fair comment. It took Bioware a three patches to make the game (mostly) run anywhere close to smoothly. At one point, I remember the game crashing at almost every area transition.

2. Unlikable characters

With K1, the characters are the central attraction. You got attached to them, cared about them. I caught myself avoiding a potentially DS action saying “Not in front of the kid, she’s had enough bad examples.” Or “I don’t want to give Carth any more reason to distrust me.” I loved listening to their stories. I wanted to give Juhani a hug. I wanted to listen to Jolee’s flippant riddles and Canderous’s warrior-bard retelling of his battles. I choked up when I wasn’t able to prevent Bastila from committing suicide by saber brawl.
I can only put that down to bad taste, given how two-dimensional and clichéd they were. Oh, no, they had personalities that weren't cheap archetypes. How dreadful.

By contrast, I really didn’t want to spend any time with the K2 cast. I found them disquieting, unpleasant, in dire need of a padded room, or all of the above.
Heaven forfend that entertainment should challenge us.
Juhani had her issues,
Hahahaha, no she didn't. She was evil and then became Ms Goody-Goody in two seconds flat becauses you flattered her, and then spent the rest of the game in self-pity. That isn't "issues". That's navel-gazing, teenage bull****.

but she was nowhere near as much a mess as Visas.
Well, no. Having dealt with people with screwed-up pasts, Visas is actually remotely credible as someone with "issues". Unlike Ms. Emobull**** "Waa, daddy made me tidy my room, I'mma go slit my wrists" in K1.

I couldn’t pry Bao-Dur out of his shell.
The Bao-Dur who talks at noteable length about his crippling guilt and being overshadowed by the past? Or the Bao-Dur who is still calling you "General" ten years after the end of the war?

Handmaiden? You fight in the buff, and have a daddy fetish. Lovely, female gamers obviously weren’t a priority to Obsidian.
Which is why she's available to female characters, of course. Well done avoiding her character to have a dig at Obsidian though. After all, we wouldn't want the actual nature of the game to get in the way of your rant, would we?

But just in case we do need to spell this one out, Handmaiden doesn't "have a daddy fetish"; she's obsessed with the thought of being a bastard, and, funnily enough why her father did what he did. But we've already established you want cheap, two-dimensional archetypes rather than depth. You must have loved Mass Effect.

Mical was a GREAT character concept, and he cleans up in fanfic. In game? You talk to him twice, Jedi him up, and that’s the end of it. Ditto with Mira.
Unlike in KotOR, where once you do the banal little sidequest they have nothing more to say to you but the same two lines.

Atton needed to be sharing a cell with Gary Ridgeway. He totally came off as a sociopath.
So he's worse than Canderous, a mass-murderer without a shred of remorse or thought for those that he killed for some twisted idea of honour? Riiiiight.

And then there’s Kreia. Force Bond or not, I was ready to shove her out an airlock multiple times. Everything out of her mouth was some snide remark about the others, some lesson on manipulation, or some lecture on how you didn’t meet her standards without so much as an option to tell her to sit on her lightsaber. Even better was how they sniped and backstabbed one another for the Exile’s favor like courtiers around a king.

Did you actually miss the point, and the dialogue options telling her to shut up with it, or are you simply incapable of an argument that sticks with the facts?

She's supposed to be your teacher and.. you object that she chimes in with opinions. She also only questions you if you start leaning to one side like... a two-dimensional archetype... and doesn't say you "didn't meet her standards" at any point in the game.

I didn’t like them. I didn’t want to be around them. I found myself thinking more about how to manipulate the influence system over them than wanting to help them. If K1 was Baulder’s Gate with lightsabers, this was Blake’s 7 or Watchmen with lightsabers.
Well done on the backwards compliment.

3. The feeling of futility

Not only was the company unpleasant, the trip was pointless. Save the Jedi Masters or kill them? Doesn’t matter. They still end up dead. Side with Czerka or the Ithorians? Doesn’t matter. Try changing things on Nar Shadaa? The level of futility borders on black comedy. Korriban? Nothing you choose really matters, either.
Save or kill the giant fish? Irrelevant. Kill Uthar or Yuthura? Irrelevant. Side with Chuundar or the dad? Irrelevant. Save or kill the sand people? Irrelevant. First you blame them for departing from the formula, then for sticking to it too much.

It was also nice of them to go out of their way to take a gigantic whiz all over anything done in the first game.
Yes, how dare they show consequences to things which happen. How appalling of Obsidian.

The Jedi? Dead, and their name in ruins. Korriban? A wasteland. The Republic? Still a mess. Just to add insult to injury, add things like Dustil being left to die/go insane in a Korriban tomb,
Oh, no, some two-dimensional character with the personality of a cardboard cut-out went and died in a tomb! Since it's never explicitly stated that it's him, though, congrats on critiquing an element that was cut because it didn't belong in the final draft rather than for time, though.

Revan’s skull being used as Nihilus’s hood ornament,
Is never mentioned in the game, so pulling a developer's comment from an interview on the background of an item which doesn't even fit in the game's story as presented in the game as though it belongs to the story is neither accurate nor fair.

I've left out the rest of your post, since it's nothing more than a rant.
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