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I mean I can't select anything. When I click/double click/shift click nothing happens. It just freezes for a few seconds, and then goes back to noramal, as apposed to the normal green hilight/move/edit that happens upon select.


Hmmm, actually, could you clean up the maps for me? (I only screwed up three. The First Geonosis Level which I spammed with thousands of clones, the second geonosis level which I blocked a doorway, and the first prosocutor level, which I spammed with clones.) 'See I made some edits - Like on geonosis I made it look a bit more realisticish (dead clones, and more guys in the trenches), but I put waaaaaaayyyyy to may clones up top, and at the 'spawner battle place. Of course, I'd just re-install it, but I lost my CD, and I don't want to spend $50 buying BOPC Again.


Here's some pics depicting some of the evilness and some of the goodness of my Geonosis level.

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