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Perfect boss?

Originally Posted by kevinash16 View Post
So i have assumed that the final boss will be Ormagodden, the creamator of skys... blah blah blah... like lyonwhite steals the buckle made from the steel flesh of the demon...damn, i have seen that commercial too much hahaha... any wyas, maybe he steals it and uses it to summon Ormagodden, and that leads to the final boss fight... i dunno, just some thing i have been thinking about for a while...

I was also thinking it would be cool if there was a guitar move called sprouted, haha, kills your enemies with flowers or some thing... just a cool little easter egg thing...

any ways! give me feed back!!! at least untill the demo comes out!

Well... Tipper Gore would be a great idea!!!
Maybe some Nu Metal band? Korn? Linkin Park? Limp Bizkit?
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