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Cheers Canderis.


I've been playing around with body models today, and i've done something I think at least a few of you might like. I've taken Darth Sion's body model, got rid of the head and made it useable as an item. Right now I have it replacing the underwear model, which I don't think i'll be changing.

Now, the texture i'm using there is one from a mod I had laying around on my computer, (by Inyri, I think), so it won't be included in the final thing. I'm going to make my own re-texture which matches the head skin tone better and use that. (Black and Asian variants will be included also).

It's a pity more people don't do this sort of thing with single body models. The only person I can think of to do something like this and release it is Oldflash, and that was the Atris model. (Just a bit of trivia there ).
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