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Question Cataclysmic Threat

So what do you guys think about the recent WoW: Cataclysm announcement. Seems like it's going to be timed around the theoretical release of SW:TOR.
Several WoW players I've talked to recently who were giving SW:TOR a hard look are now yo-yoing back and forth.

We'd all planned to shift over to TOR on opening day and now with Cataclysm revamping all of the starting experience to something comparable to the Death Knight...well. We all know how enjoyable the Death Knight storyline is, and revamping all of the starter world to inject this same formula will be tough for SW:TOR to take on. That's almost guaranteed quality compared to SW:TOR's unknowns.

So what do you think? If Cataclysm and SW:TOR came out within a few weeks what do you do?

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