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Okey-do then, no 4770. Do I get any special bonuses for an AMD/ATi pair?

As for the PSU, I currently have a 400W I got with the case. I'm guessing these new hotshots will need a 500? I've got two extra fan slots too, I'm guessing I'll have to get them filled to cool the GPU.

Hopefully that should keep temperatures cool, but I really am impressed by how these new swanky computers can handle well under pressure. My old PC was very cranky with temperature, had to keep the window open or it overheated and went dud until it cooled down. And on the opposite end, if temps got too low in the monsoon, I had to resurrect it with a hair dryer.

Is nVidia's PhysX thingie worth the buy? Anything from the green camp I should be interested in?

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