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Originally Posted by Hallucination View Post
So, about 10 minutes ago I went to the Avatar/Signature Above You thread to get my spam fix, when out of nowhere I was redirected to a site called 'bestantivirusscanv4[dot]com,' which imitated my beloved Windows Explorer and attempted to coerce me into downloading a inconspicuous .exe, something which has happened once earlier this week.
Oh, damn...I was downloading stuff in the links from Holowan in the KOTOR region and got the same thing--almost like it was attached to some of the downloads at their sites. Triggered by the downloading, new tab. Don't know which one since I was downloading several at the same time, but it's somewhere in D333's intro pages. Happened on Aug 25th.

Originally Posted by Evil Q View Post
Use Firefox with the Noscript and Adblock Plus addons. Together they will put an end to such shenanigans.

Noscript will not allow any script to run without your permission.
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Originally Posted by stoffe View Post
If you encounter any such malicious ads here, please take note of when and where the ad appeared, make a screenshot and post it here. With this information the advertising provider can be contacted and have the bad ads removed from the rotation.

Will do. Thanks. Had no idea you were looking for it, I just assumed it was my computer and all the places I've been to. Now I know what to look out for.

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