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Originally Posted by Exile007 View Post
Oooh, shiny blades *makes note not to lick pointy end*
If I put this model into K1 separately, I will make sure to include a warning against attempting to eat the models just for you, Exile.

On the note of your dialog update, very interesting. I don't even remember your skills really coming into play often in TSL, besides slicing the computers for less spikes. So I suppose there will be a reason to worry about how high our skills are?
Well, dialogue will certainly rely on more than simply [Persuade] options. I did consider forcing the player to roll each skill check, but it would be out of keeping with the rest of the game. Generally, though, the planet is going to be designed with higher-level characters in mind, so you'll need a fairly high skill value just to get the dialogue option to appear.

Great note about the combat too, I agree that it should be a memorable occasion.
Hehe, thanks. It's not exactly the game's strength, after all...

Suggestions: Make the combat more than a "Master Flurry-Master Speed-Heal-Master Flurry-Master Speed" type fashion. The opponents should have specific strengths and weaknesses that match their personalities and character. Boss fights should definitely be challenging, but not overwhelmingly difficult, don't let the player lose interest after a full three minutes of hack-n-slash. If a boss fight is too easy, then the player will definitely be "wtf-like."
I certainly agree with all of that. I do intend to build combat-NPCs with care, so they don't just have 99 for ever stat and eight-trillion HP.

Example: Sion upping himself about how much stronger he is than the exile, and then being driven to 1 HP in three rounds? Give me a break.
That had a plot point behind it, but I can see where you're coming from.

If you can get a player pumped up for combat in TSL, then you've definitely gotten a new dimension into your mod.
I'm afraid I'm not a miracle-worker.

^ My two cents.
Very welcome, Thanks!

Originally Posted by Quanon View Post
When looked upon from certain point of view....
Many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our point of view. Your skill as a modeller isn't one of them, though.

I'm trying to redo the mask to be more faithfull to the real movie props. So far no luck those things are curved like hell and I loose oversight on the whole model... urgh, feel like a noob now
Well, those are difficult shapes to get right, anyway. The planning for a model like that must be insane!

Oooh, it worked! I love the look of handle and the curve of the blade is pure awesomeness. You got to love those egyptian designers

I do hope your mod does contain a sort of babe and new steaming hot like liquid lead romance
Show spoiler

Well, I know rapid updates aren't exactly common in this thread, but since I fixed this earlier today (hurrah for Bank Holidays!), I thought I might as well post it. It's an update of the mod in post #132 in this thread.

I've redone the (Light Side) skin for two reasons, mainly: first, so that I could get a higher-res texture for the it, and second because it allowed me to solve the issue of unreal gloves... sort of. The screenshots don't really show the second element, though, and it's still a work-in-progress, of course, so the skin is still far from final. It's closer-to than it was, though.

The picture had to be taken somewhere relatively dark, because I have yet to fix the alpha channel on the metal parts. At present it glows in the sun rather too close to the burns-out-your-eyeballs range. >_>

Share and Enjoy!
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