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I really am considering the expansion, just to show, I've put together Bloodshed Squad, Stealth's previous squad. They are Sev-inspired Commandos, Specter really shows.

Presenting Republic Commando Squad : Bloodshed


RC-Specter of Bloodshed Squad, the Leader of the Squad
RC-Sojourn of Bloodshed Squad, the Second-in-Command
RC-Bloodshed of Bloodshed Squad, the Sniper/Medic Expert
RC-Ravage of Bloodshed Squad, the Sniper/Reconnaissance Expert

*NOTE - Bloodshed, previously known as Stealth, is in his old squad's armor, it is modified from the original version, making the old version seem more clean and thus making the new one new. Basically, when he changed squads, he got new armor, similar to his first, but much cleaner.

**NOTE - General LiWar, when you find time to post these new squads, I want this second Stealth under the name Bloodshed. I hope that's okay.

What do you think?

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