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  • My new used car needs a new transmission.
  • One of my good friends got into a horrible car accident in the rain. She had multiple orthopedic problems - broken toes, a broken ankle, a dislocated hip, etc, etc. Just got home after 2 weeks in the hospital, where I've been visiting her.
  • My girlfriend and I started fighting. We've been dating for over 19 months, so I figured it was no big deal, a normal fight. But she recently moved ~3.5 hours away (with me to follow in about 7 months; we already had visits planned) and so it was a bit more stressful than we both anticipated.
  • My aunt and uncle are separating and may be getting a divorce, causing a pretty large familial struggle.
  • When I thought it couldn't get worse, my girlfriend decided that she "wasn't sure she could do this long distance thing."
  • Now she wants us still to be best friends.
  • I still love her.
  • And my moving plans were mostly unrelated to her, so I'll still be moving to pretty much the same street where she lives in about 7 or so months.
  • I have to work today.

Good two weeks


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