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TFU = "the Force Unleashed" (sounds like a curse when you type out the letters)
USE = "Ultimate Sith Edition" the new version of TFU for release on consoles and PC this November

Well, the speculation is over... all this game is going to be is The Force Unleashed like on the consoles (Xbox 360/PS3) plus some new levels. It will get all the "downloadable content" that those two console versions had, plus two new levels. Since TFU:Ultimate Sith Edition will be released on consoles as well, they'll only be getting two new levels (if they played the previous material already).

The only question I have, is if anything from the console versions will be CUT from the PC version.

I have a bad feeling that the Multiplayer in this game will be really lacking. But I still hope they at least HAVE it, rather than removing it like what happened with the PC version of "Ghostbusters: the Game."

I'm getting over it right now that this will NOT be the successor to Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. This will be basically a third person single player game with sabers and force, with possibly some saber dueling possibilities on the side.

On a positive note, I'm glad it's finally coming to PC, because I've been wanting a "Dark Jedi game" in the style of JK since 1998...

Incidentally.. "Star Wars Infinities" was an awful series. A nice idea, but it went in very strange, stupid directions and felt like a huge ploy to make more money, rather than provide an interesting take on the SW universe. But then a lot of bad EU material has made for decent games, so who knows? Personally I don't think they should ever be constrained by the written material when making the games. If they want to make them like the movies, fine, that's great for a "foundation" but they should be given the freedom to go wherever they want to make it fun and such.

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