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Arrow SoMI:SE mods

Alright, here are my current mods.

Backgrounds Fix Patch Version 5 (unfinished)
This mod fixes some backgrounds that were sloppy, rushed or in any way incomplete in the official version.
It will remove any artefact pixels left behind of the old backgrounds, fix any wonky alpha's and clean things up considderably.

Note that I have not yet fixed all backgrounds yet, it's a work in progress. More backgrounds will be fixed as I progress.

I have also added the fix for Stan's Store Sign made by Khar.

Download Mirror on Mediafire:

List of fixed content:
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Last Updated April 4 2010

Scummbar Smile Mod
This mod re-adds a smile to the sign outside the Scummbar.

Screenshot: Classic, SE old and SE with smile mod:

Mod threads on Telltale and Steam forums:

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