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sorry for delay

Yes conversions exist for both X Wing Collectors CD version and TIE Collectors CD Versiion, there are no updated exact versions of the original DOS games with the original music and old style graphcis. You can play them very easily with DOSBOX and I will be happy to send instructions. All these conversions require THAT YOU OWN AND POSSES THE ORIGINAL AUTHENTIC LUCASARTS GAME DISKS. They will NOT install or run without them. You will also need X Wing Alliance the authentic disk to install the update of TIE. No exceptions. No pirated copies will work.

for X Wing you can go here: and look for the threads in the LucasArts Games Section on X Wing Redux in English....there are two projects and one will be released very soon allowing you to play X Wing with updated graphics and ship models from the community. Or you can go to and usiing the english version find the files to play X Wing Redux which is in spanish but updated tho it lacks some of the briefings and other goodies from the game.

For TIE Fighter, updated you can go here: and follow the links for the download and patches....i have put a pack of all the needed patches for it, including the font patch, the game patch 2.02 version and info on my archive site here:

there are two ways to play TIE updated: this is the first, Tie Fighter Total Conversion but it lacks Battles 8-17. Here is the READ ME from the site for the project:

Tie Fighter Total Conversion released...
« Thread Started on Nov 2, 2005, 11:48pm »

Ever since X-Wing Alliance was released Tie Fighter fans have dreamed of playing the game with the X-Wing Alliance engine.

Well now that dream has come true. After years of hearsay and failure, a group of talented individuals took on a dead project and gave it a kick in the arse in the hopes of re-energizing the community.

After a year of work piecing together half done conversions and solving a few shows stopping engine limitations it is now ready for release.

Snippet from read me:

The TFTC project is an attempt to convert one of LucasArts best games of all time to the more modern X-Wing: Alliance game engine. This conversion uses a mixture of original TIE Fighter content and some items specifically designed for the conversion.

The conversion is unique in that it requires the user to have copies of the original TIE Fighter Collectors Edition (TIECD) CDROM or X-Wing Collectors Series Disk 2 (TIE95) CDROM (sorry but the floppy disk version is not supported) and X-Wing: Alliance Disk 1 and Disk 2 to install the conversion. This was done to prove that the user owns an original copy of TIE Fighter and X-Wing: Alliance. Without either of these disks the conversion will not install.

Conversion Features:

A. Battles 1-7 from the original TIE Fighter game (battles 8-13 expansion planned).
B. New TIE Fighter models with thingypits.
C. All Introduction and Battle Cutscenes.
D. All in-flight and briefing voices (converted from the users TIE Fighter CDROM).
E. Concourse/Imperial Quarters Interface.
F. Imperial Star destroyer hanger and items.
G. Custom “extended” version of the intro Cutscenes.
H. Custom award ceremonies.
I. Custom/Converted concourse music from TIE Fighter.
J. Custom battle CBMs and Icons.
K. Custom Email messages following the chronicles of Stele Maarek (runs parallel with Stele chronicles and Prima’s Strategy Guide).
L. Custom game launcher (you must use the launcher to play).

To install and play the Total Conversion you must have the following:

1. X-wing Alliance with both CD-ROMS
2. TIE Fighter Collectors Edition (TIECD) CDROM or X-Wing Collectors Series Disk 2 (TIE95) CDROM

Well felt that it is only fair to Lucasarts that you must own these games. The Total Conversion also needs these discs to convert voice files.

To install (you must follow these steps or it may not work):

1. Download TFTC
Tie Fighter Total Conversion V1.0 (112mb)

2. Download XWA upgrade Assault Gunboat (a small bug in the TFTC V1 release caused the S-Foil problem fix to miss the final build. This will be fixed soon, but since we didn’t want to miss the launch date this is a quick fix)

XWA upgrade download page

3. Install a clean copy XWA complete install.

4. Play XWA and set up your graphics and sound settings. (this must be done before you run TFTC)

Known bugs:
1. S-Foil patch not in TFTC V1 build, fixed by downloading the XWA upgrade gunboat.
2. Music lockup bug. This is not our fault, this bug existed with XWA from the get go.
3. Combat Chamber lock up. (You must first enter a battle mission before using the combat chamber, this only has to be done once)

Have Fun
The TFTC team
Ol, Darksaber, Bman, Linx310

You CAN play Missions 8-13 with all briefings and the training historical misssions with a conversion done by another team, and found here: and go to the LucasArts Games section of the forum and look for this thread:

Waylon's TIE Fighter Total Conversion Expansion is available

that is a seperate project to update TIE. There will be hopefully a way to play all the missions converted soon. Enjoy.

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