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Originally Posted by synod View Post
So I have a problem. I start the game everything works fine everything is awesome.. But then any character except the droids has a problem. Their tongues and eyes and teeth are in the right spot. BUt the rest of their body is spliced into pieces and spread out. And then when the characters or NPCs finally stand up theyre sideways floating in the air. How would I fix this?
May I ask what, If anything, this has to do with KSE?

Originally Posted by raiblast View Post
so i have a problem with the handmaiden. i could not get past the telos academy. every time i boarded the ebon hawk, i got a black screen and couldn't continue. my solution was to reinstall the game without the patches, which got me past the black screen, then installed the patch, but the handmaiden never joined, even though she's mentioned multiple times. i'm now back at telos, where apparently i have to converse with the handmaiden, who isn't there. is there some way i can edit the game saves to make her show up?
I don't believe that the saves can be edited with KSE to spawn a problem with a character spawning. Are you playing your game with any mods? They can sometimes cause unexplained glitches.

Are you one of those poor Macintosh gamers that are in the possession of Empire at War, yet because of the scarcity of Mac players out there you have nobody to play against? If you are, PM me if you want to set up a game.
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