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Extremely strange leaks.

I am currently trying to make a map for my clan, but recently I am running into some very strange leaks. I have even tried closing the whole map into a cube, but still there are leaks! I am desperate, and I hope someone here can help me.

One of the leaks just passes straight through a caulked wall. Another one passes through the grass in the gardens area. I am slightly experienced in mapping, but so far I've not understood ONE of the leaks that my map is suffering from. I'ts been making me rip my hair from my head.

If it is of any help, I use GTKRadiant 1.5

Also, please do note that my map is quite large, is it possible that GTKRadiant is interpreting the large, empty spaces as part of the void? If so, is there any way to possibly fix this?

Please respond, I have nowhere else to turn to.
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