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Red Squadron, Where Activities Are Enjoyed

This is more of an announcement rather than a recruitment message, but the principle is the same.

I invite anyone who is seriously interested in Star Wars and playing the X-wing series to visit our Red Squadron's website, the CRS Morning Star ( We have our own reference library of various facts and history unique to our organization, integrated stories and, a fully active role-playing event, and competitions of gaming skill.

We'd be interested in anyone who wants to just drop by our forums, the Commnet (, and see what's going on, but we also welcome anyone who might want to join up and be an active member.

A new function we've just created and are pilot testing soon are those who want to be in the unit, but not as pilots. They would be active writers and roleplayers who take on various shipboard positions.

So, if you want to check us out, stop by. Even if you don't join, we'd welcome you to take a look.

-Col. Rob "Biggs" Baden, Red Leader

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