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if u want space battle maps i can give this:

Space blockade:

This map is of episode 1: space battle above the Trade Federation droid control ship.
Real Guard of Naboo(republic): Plane: N-1 Starfighter Objective: destroy the 3 targets
Trade Federation: Plane: Battle Droid N-7 Objective: defend the 3 targets and destroy the enemy ship

link: (deleted)

Space battle above coruscant:

This map is of episode 3: space battle above the General Grievous Float.
Republic: Planes: Y-Fighter, ARC-170 Republic Fighter, Anakin Starfighter.
CIS: Planes: WCM-198 Bomber Fighter, Battle Droid, (i cant know the others)

link: (deleted)

You can see all the modded maps here:

All bounty hunters are on a Float. On kamino created the 781th: The army of bounty hunters. On Rhen Var, a big civilization of Bounty Hunters are on the planet and reporting the position of the Rebel Alliance. A rare system appears on the planet Rhen Var: The orbital communication.On Kamino, all are destroyed. The clones have survived the Fall of the platforms of Kamino. All are under sea, and the Rebel Alliance are trapped on a platform. The guns shoot slow, the Jet Troopers cant fly.

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