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Originally Posted by Kreia001 View Post
I think maybe she pointed into the far future, to Chancellor/Emperor Palpatine. he betrayed the republic cause he was hiding his identity, just like Kreia did. So i think it could be possibly Palpatine. Why else would she mention the fall of the republic, that would take millenia. And a milenia is 1000 years as you now, and the events of kotor 2 were about 4000 years before the rise of darth vader. Does someone see a link here? Cause i do!
If we're pointing that far in the future, I think the Treya would be Anakin. His betrayals almost destroyed both the Sith and the Jedi orders. Palpatine was just one teacher of his life, he wasn't as important as Anakin. Plus, I believe Kreia was referring to the thought bomb detonation on Ruusan, and I believe the fall of the Republic is set in motion by the Sith going into hiding, since that was about 1000 years before The Phantom Menace.

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