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"I trust you know the importance as to what has happened here?"

"Yes. It is indeed disturbing that the human has chosen to follow the fox," Carsew said, then leaning his head a bit to the side, like a small child looking at something strange. "We might even have to kill him."

He laughed coolly, then he entered the large room, walking over towards a drinking cabinet. He nodded at a black leather armchair, which stood infront of a dark desk, which had an almost throne-like armchair behind it. Carsew took out a bottle of expensive wine and poured it up in two glasses. As he walked over to his chair, he stretched out one of the glasses towards Chaos, even though he was too far away to reach it. Then a dark hand holding the glass came out of Carsew's hand, flying over to Chaos, waiting for him to take the glass. Carsew sat down behind his desk.

"The time has come for us to take command. What I propose is an alliance between us, Lord Chaos. Together we can apprehend the human and take control of Pheyzozia. Forever. What do you say?" Carsew said and drank of his wine.

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