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Squad A did as they planned, staying very close to the anti-personnel turrets. They were not detected by its operators, something Rax is thankful for. Squad B, under the command of Rax got into their Republic Officer and Soldier uniforms. The five soldiers accompanying Rax made a formation behind him, where they marched with their leader.

One Republic officer and three other soldiers went out and greeted Rax, thinking he was not on the side of Revan. The Republic Officer saw that the rank on Rax's clothing was that of a captain, and he saluted. Rax saluted back.

"Officer, we have been ambushed by renegade Republic soldiers. Is your base safe?"

The Officer pointed to the base, then said,

"We are aware of the situation, sir. We are very safe indeed."

Rax brought out his blaster pistol and at the same time, said,
"Well you're not anymore."
With four shots in rapid succession the officer and the three guards were knocked down. The five commandos with Rax ran along the defensive perimeter, shooting all of the operators of the turrets. At this, the members of Squad A stood up then met the reinforcements coming from all sides.

When they got the signal to do so, the remaining Commandos occupied the base, wiping out remnant of resistance. Rax pushed a button on the holo on his right hand.

"General, we have secured the base. Awaiting further orders."

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