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Originally Posted by Kreia001 View Post
And on the part of the bomb detonation on ruusan, i dont udnerstand what you mean with that.
I was referring to when Darth Bane manipulated the Brotherhood of Darkness while they waging war with the Army of Light on Ruusan, forcing all the remaining Sith Lords (except for him of course) to take refuge in some catacombs,and set up a weapon known as the thought bomb, an extremely harmful weapon to all life and anything force sensitive. General Hoth of the Army of Light led 99 other Jedi into the catacombs to force Lord Kaan (the reigning Dark Lord of the time) to force his hand. Kaan detonated the thought bomb, killing everyone in the catacombs, and effectively leading the Republic and the Jedi Order to believe the Sith were extinct. However, they did not know Bane still lived, and he created the Rule of Two, which was basically the belief the Sith would gain power over the universe by hiding in the shadows, and striking when the time was right. He took an apprentice, and about a millenia later, Palpatine (a direct descendant from his Rule of Two philosophy) issued Order 66, purging the galaxy of Jedi, and destroying the Republic once and for all.
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